We are Open to Any Landscaping Challenge,

No Matter the Scale of the Project.

LandScaping and Gardening

Professionally Designed and Built Landscaping to Improve the Visual Appeal of Premises, Residential or Commercial.

Irrigation and Drainage

Proper Irrigation System to Keep and Maintain Your Gardens and Landscapes. Constant Supply of Water to Maintain Your Plantations.

Lawn & Garden Care

Lawn Grass is Ideal to Plant in Wet Soil Environment to Promote Better Erosion Control in Your Premises.

Cleaning and House Keeping

Cleaning. Gardening and Maintenance Services for Residential Properties like Condominiums and Commercial Buildings.

Over 30 Years of LandScaping Experience

About Us
Kims General Contractor Landscaping

Welcome to Kims General Contractor

Established in 1990 and is committed to providing modern landscaping solutions that result to gorgeous yard designs which complement the style of your home, office, or any type of building. We believe that landscaping is a form of art and by working with you, we can transform your yard, garden, or lawn into a masterpiece that seamlessly blends in with the architecture of your structure.

Why Kims General Contractor

Complete Solution for Your Landscaping Needs

We are open to any landscaping challenge no matter how small or how large your property is. See to it that your property stands out! For sophisticated and trendy landscape design services, feel free to browse our website and explore our previously completed projects.

Kims LandScaping Singapore Plantation
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Residential and Commercial LandScaping

Products and Services

Kims General Contractor provides a wide range of landscaping and gardening services. Regardless is it for commercial or residential premises, our team of professional gardeners will transform it to an ecstatic greenery.  

LandScaping Gardening Projects

Our Feature Projects

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West Park BizHub
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Guilimard Edge
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Singapore Expo
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ITE College East
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Minden Rd, Thai Restaurant